Full Valet Service including:
Half Groom (approx. 3 hours)
  • Wash exterior
  • Vacuum interior
  • Dashboard vinyled
  • tyres siliconed
Full Groom (approx. 6 hours)
Steam Cleaning
  • De smoging of the body of the car
  • Engine bay degreased and steam cleaned
  • Inside door edges degreased and steam cleaned
  • Boot edges steam cleaned
  • Floor mats removed and steam cleaned
  • Water marks removed from windows
Inside Cleaning
  • Inside doors cleaned including hinges and latches
  • Dash and centre console are vinyl cleaned
  • Air vents are detailed by brush
  • All small compartments and components detailed by brush
  • All vinyl and leather work revived
  • All interior and carpet vacuumed
  • Seats jet vaced
  • Carpets detared and jet vaced
  • Inside window wax applied
  • Hood lining cleaned
Outside Cleaning
  • Engine siliconed
  • Bonnet and guard edges cleaned
  • Detared and blocked on outside
  • Outside of car buffed and hand waxed
  • Outside window wax applied
  • Wheel arches and tyres siliconed
  • Tow bar and exhaust siliconed or painted
  • Inside and outside window wax removed
  • Outside body wax removed
We also provide Inside Grooms and Outside Grooms as well as Corporate Grooms.
Inside Groom 
  • Inside Cleaning for more information 
Outside Groom
  • Outside Cleaning for more information
*Jet Vac: The water is mixed with a shampoo. The shampoo gets into the carpets and the machine sucks out the dirt.
Ming Treatment
A chemical process that will improve new paint and rejuvenate old and oxidised paint, both to a smooth mirror finish.
A vehicle that has been Ming treated will wash much easier than a conventional finish, because there is no roughness or dirt to cling to.
After the Ming process the paint is in a form that enables it to last much longer.
Car Care
Always wash the car in the shade. Hose down first, wash dirt off with sponge and plenty of water. Always towel dry immediately in order to avoid the appearance of water spots.
With a Ming finish the surface is much smoother, giving a sharper reflection and a deep gloss.
The Ming finish is guaranteed for 3 years on paintwork under 12 months old and for 2 years on paintwork over 2 years of age, provided it is washed with a sponge only and towel dried as outlined above.

Agent for Fleetline Canopies 

Gas Struts - New and Re-gas



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